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The Chiefs of Ontario Secretariat are proud to announce the launch of its new bi-annual glossy magazine which will be distributed to all 133 First Nations in Ontario and copies to communities across Canada, friendship centres and government agencies.

“We are very proud of this initiative that will not only provide even more outreach to our citizens but will be a communication tool that we can use to educate and enlighten all Canadians on First Nation issues and priorities,” said former Regional Chief Day. “Our core mandate is to coordinate information and policy discussion of interest to 133 First Nations in Ontario. This publication helps all of our communities reach the global stage and share with the rest of the world news and opportunities of their communities and their citizens.”

Over 3000 copies were printed with an estimated readership of over 8,100, distributed to all 633 First Nations across Canada with a large focus on Ontario, friendship centers, all PTO’s and various government agencies and advertisers.

The first issue features a cover story on First Nations women in leadership and contains submitted stories from youth, an interview with a veteran First Nation police constable, updates from communities and current priorities for the Chiefs of Ontario.

As part of the Chiefs of Ontario Communications strategy which calls for ‘grassroots’ and social media outreach this publication will be sent via direct mail and made available through social media outlets. The publication will attract new potential sponsors for COO events and forums and provide a forum for community chiefs to promote initiatives and projects.

“I would like to welcome all of our relations to the first edition of the Chiefs of Ontario Advocate,” said Nathan Wright, former Chief Operating Officer. “I have no doubt that this platform will provide our members with increasing access and awareness of the activities and initiatives we undertake here at the Chiefs of Ontario.  We are proud to embark on this important initiative to increase our transparency and connection to the people we serve.”