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Resources for First Nations Communities

A number of dynamic, practical tools exist to support First Nations communities, entrepreneurs and businesses in creating, encouraging, and cultivating community investments.  The Chiefs of Ontario have worked in collaboration with a number of partners to support the development and distribution of the following resources:

First Nations Community Economic Profile Guide

A community economic profile is intended to provide businesses and potential investors with the information they need to determine if your community is the right fit for their investment.  An effective community economic profile is important because it is one of the best and least expensive ways to showcase your community as an ideal place for investment.

This guide will help you to create an effective community economic profile.  To access, please contact the COO office or sign into the “Member’s Login.”

First Nations Economic Development Readiness Questionnaire

 The First Nations Economic Development Questionnaire is an effective tool for determining a First Nation’s readiness to capitalize on economic opportunities by assessing their strengths, weaknesses and economic growth opportunities. The questionnaire aims to support strategic planning and long-term sustainable economic development by measuring a community’s capacity.  The questionnaire is divided into three broad sections—community, infrastructure, economic development.

The questionnaire will be made available soon.

Youth Entrepreneurship Partnership

Youth in Ontario have the opportunity to access educational programs and entrepreneurial activities through programs and projects supported by Youth Entrepreneurship Partnerships (YEP).  Many of these programs and initiatives are specifically accessible to First Nations youth in Ontario.

Learn more at the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade website here.

Aboriginal Business Development Toolkit

A toolkit has been developed to assist Indigenous Peoples who are thinking about starting or expanding a business.  The toolkit includes important considerations for a successful business regardless of location and presents business development supports, tools, and information.

The toolkit and a detailed description can be found here.

Aboriginal Business Directory

The Ontario Aboriginal Business Directory is an online database of Aboriginal businesses in Ontario, and the products and services they provide.  Click here to search.

Aboriginal Procurement Strategy

After years of advocacy by First Nations, the Ontario government introduced a two-year pilot Aboriginal Procurement Strategy in March 2012 on the delivery of goods and services.  More information can be found from the Ontario Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation.  For more information on the Procurement Pilot contact:

John Edward Costa

Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs

p. 416-212-2286