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TORONTO, ON (April 23, 2015) — Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy says the 2015 Ontario Budget does not answer how Ontario will work with First Nations over the next year.

“Ontario’s Budget does not clearly invest in the needs of First Nations,” said Regional Chief Beardy. “Chiefs of Ontario will need to look closely at the budget to determine whether this budget is a positive step towards building relationships with First Nations.”

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Toronto, ON (April 22, 2015) — Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy says that the Harper government’s 2015 budget does not present a viable plan to address First Nations issues.

“This is a status quo budget that doesn't go far enough to close the gap on quality of life for First Nations citizens,” said Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy. “This uninspired budget squandered this government’s last chance to meaningfully invest in First Nations.”

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TORONTO, ON (April 16, 2015) --- Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy congratulates Judith Beaver a Webequie First Nation youth who will be one of five youths receiving a Leadership Award at this year’s DAREarts Leadership Awards gala tonight in Toronto.


TORONTO, ON (April 15, 2015) --- Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy is calling on CN Rail to immediately drop injunction laid against Judy DaSilva, a Grassy Narrows First Nation member and a Michael Sattler Peace Prize recipient, and members of the Grassy Narrows Women’s Drum Group for exercising their inherent and Treaty rights. Those issued the injunction appear in a Kenora court tomorrow.

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TORONTO, ON (April 2, 2015) --- Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy is calling for justice for Cindy Gladue and support across the province in the wake of the recent not guilty verdict in the murder trial of a man accused of killing her almost four years ago.

Rallies are being organized in at least 14 Canadian cities today to protest the verdict. The events have the support of Silence No More, STRUT Toronto, Amnesty International, Idle no More and the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women.