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Toronto, ON — The Supreme Court of Canada released their decisions today on long awaited cases — Bastien v. Canada and Dubé v. Canada —both cases involved First Nations citizens — Rolland Bastien and Alexandre Dubé — who had deposited money in Casse Populaire bank branches on the Wendake and Mashteuiatsh reserves respectively and had earned interest which Revenue Canada assessed as taxable income.

TORONTO, ON — The proposed provincial Bill-186, Supporting Smoke–Free Ontario by Reducing Contraband Tobacco Act, makes the primary focus of the legislation a punitive action rather than tobacco use reduction strategies. It specifically targets products that are grown or manufactured within First Nation communities and under the jurisdiction of First Nations. The Ontario Ministry of Revenue introduced these proposed amendments to the Tobacco Tax Act, on April 21, 2011, in direct opposition to the inherent Aboriginal right to the cultivation and trade of tobacco.

TORONTO, ON - Ontario Regional Chief, Angus Toulouse, today responded to Federal Budget 2011 asserting that the Budget demonstrates the government’s lack of in-depth understanding of First Nations issues.

As stated by the Regional Chief: “First Nations in Ontario have been clear - what is required to assist in alleviating many of our problems, is a fundamental transformation in the relationship between the Canadian settler state and First Nations. We have repeatedly stated what our priorities are and how we would like to accomplish these, and we are repeatedly ignored.”