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Toronto, ON (August 9, 2016) --- This week’s tour of the north by Premier Kathleen Wynne indicates the potential outcomes from Ontario’s new government-to-government relationship with First Nations based upon Reconciliation and the Political Accord. This is an opportunity for both First Nations and non First Nation habitants of northern Ontario to emphasize the need for greater investment in order to maintain and stimulate the resource-based economy.

TORONTO, (April 26, 2016) ---Chiefs of Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Energy have agreed to move forward on a number of key issues following the second meeting of the First Nations Energy Table held in Timmins last week. The purpose of the First Nations Energy Table is to provide a forum for Ontario’s First Nation leadership, the Ontario government, and its agency’s leaders to identify, discuss and work to address issues and opportunities relating to Ontario’s energy sector.

TORONTO (April 12, 2016) --- Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day calls the Indian Act, which turns 140 years old today, the root of all social trauma currently affecting all First Nation communities across Canada.