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TORONTO (May 10, 2016) --- Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day calls Canada’s full adoption and implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples a landmark decision and a clear signal that will light the way towards further reconciliation and strengthening the nation to nation relationship between Canada and Indigenous Peoples.

TORONTO, (April 22, 2016)  --- “First Nations in Ontario and Canada must be fully and completely involved in the world-wide battle against climate change,” said Regional Chief Day in reaction to the official signing of the COP21 Paris Climate Treaty at the United Nations today. “The Paris Climate Treaty must work within our own Inherent and Treaty Rights in protecting and preserving our lands and waters. First Nations, and Indigenous Peoples around the world, are the first to suffer from global warming.

TORONTO, (April 22, 2016) --- Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day says that Earth Day is an opportunity for world leaders to work with the Indigenous Peoples all across the planet to share valuable and sophisticated Indigenous Knowledge cultivated over centuries that can contribute to the protection of Mother Earth for future generations.