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Dear President Barrack Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

In advance of tomorrow’s bilateral meetings, First Nations in Ontario want to remind both leaders that a true nation-to-nation relationship goes beyond renewing and strengthening American and Canadian ties. The nation-to-nation relationship must fully involve the Indigenous peoples of North America as equal partners, especially when it comes to the critical responsibility of combating climate change.

TORONTO, ON (Dec 18, 2015) --- Climate Change is a scientific fact. It’s drastically changing the way we live, particularly across the northern Ontario. Indigenous peoples are the first to feel the many adverse effects of climate change and we cannot afford to risk the lands and our livelihoods to further increases in temperature.

TORONTO -- (Dec 14, 2015) — On behalf of the Chiefs of Ontario, I welcome the final agreement on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that was reached at COP 21 in Paris on Saturday. It is a disappointment that Indigenous Rights were not recognized but we are encouraged by the commitment to limit global temperatures. For the sake of our children and future generations, we must stop polluting the air we breathe and the waters that sustain life.