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TORONTO (May 31, 2017) “It has now been one year since Premier Kathleen Wynne delivered an emotional Statement of Reconciliation aimed not only at Residential School survivors, but also acknowledging the destru

TORONTO – (May 17, 2017) In yesterday’s address at the Grand Council Treaty 3 Spring Assembly in Mitaanjigamiing First Nation, Regional Chief Isadore Day pledged that Chiefs of Ontario will continue to strengthen collaborations and support the unique needs of Treaty 3 communities.

TORONTO, ON (May 12, 2017)  “As the Senate of Canada currently debates proposed changes to eliminate sexism in the Indian Act, the simple solution is to begin dismantling this colonial, racist, oppressive piece of legislation. In 1876, the federal government effectively stripped First Nations of our inherent and Treaty rights with the passage of the Indian Act, transferring all power over our daily lives to bureaucrats in Ottawa.