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TORONTO, ON (May 12, 2017)  “As the Senate of Canada currently debates proposed changes to eliminate sexism in the Indian Act, the simple solution is to begin dismantling this colonial, racist, oppressive piece of legislation. In 1876, the federal government effectively stripped First Nations of our inherent and Treaty rights with the passage of the Indian Act, transferring all power over our daily lives to bureaucrats in Ottawa.

TIMMINS, ON (May 10, 2017) In this morning’s address to NAN Chiefs in Assembly, Regional Chief Isadore Day pledged that Chiefs of Ontario will continue to support the unique needs of northern communities. The combined youth suicide and children in care crises can only be addressed by our own people with the proper resources and control within our communities.

TORONTO, ON (April 27, 2017) --- Today, Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa unveiled the province’s budget announcing major funds directed at education, health and justice making community wellness a priority, however there was a clear absence of targeted investment in infrastructure, child welfare and climate change.