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Toronto (Nov 19, 2014) – Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy is proud to announce that on November 26 Chiefs, Cabinet Ministers, industry and corporate partners, family and friends will honour seven outstanding leaders who served as Ontario Regional Chief over the past 40 years.

October 28, 2014

There are over 300,000 Indigenous people living in Ontario, many of whom live in urban centres and First Nation communities bordering major municipalities.  When municipal elections take place within Ontario, such as they did yesterday—a growing number of Indigenous people take to the polls increasing voter turnout which has risen an estimated 52.1% this year.

TORONTO, ON (Sept 9, 2014) — Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy supports the Canadians for a New Partnership announcement made last week by former Prime Ministers and First Nation leaders calling it a vital step forward in beginning a new dialogue among Canadians that will raise an awareness of First Nation priorities.