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Youth News

(May 25, 2017) First Nation children and youth are dying senseless and needless deaths in ever increasing numbers. The latest incident was the discovery of a 14-year-old child’s body last Thursday in a Thunder Bay river, where far too many of our peoples have died mysteriously over the past decade. We need both Ontario and Canada to act upon last year’s recommendations from the Thunder Bay Inquest into the deaths of seven First Nation youth.

TORONTO -  (May 24, 2017) We are very troubled by the recent deaths of two First Nation youth, Tammy Keeash, 17, a youth in Child and Family Services Care and Josiah Begg, 14, a youth who left his community with his father who needed medical services. Both youth have died under mysterious circumstances in Thunder Bay. We fully support the families of the victims in their ongoing search for answers and justice from the Thunder Bay Police Services and the Coroners.

TIMMINS, ON (May 10, 2017) In this morning’s address to NAN Chiefs in Assembly, Regional Chief Isadore Day pledged that Chiefs of Ontario will continue to support the unique needs of northern communities. The combined youth suicide and children in care crises can only be addressed by our own people with the proper resources and control within our communities.