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(Toronto, November 2, 2017) On this National Day of Action on First Nation Child Welfare, the Chiefs of Ontario are moving forward with engaging both Canada and Ontario on urgent issues – from immediate relief funding to First Nation control and jurisdiction -- after holding our Special Chiefs Assembly on Child Welfare in Ottawa less than two weeks ago.    

(Toronto, October 27, 2017) “Yesterday the province released “Delivering Fairness and Choice: Ontario’s Long-term Energy Plan 2017” which sets the course for the energy landscape within the province for the next five years.

(North Caribou Lake First Nation, October 18, 2017)  “This new bridge has taken four years of planning and preparation thanks to the hard work of Chief Dinah Kanate and her council. No longer will North Caribou Lake residents and visitors be limited to the declining duration of an ice bridge and winter road to the south. Due to climate change, what was once a winter road season of 50 – 60 days has now become as low as 20 days, and in some cases, winter roads are the only way families are connected.

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(Toronto, October 11, 2017)   “Today marks the International Day of the Girl, which was created by the United Nations in 2011. Today and every day, we celebrate girls around the world in the face of threats, discrimination, and issues of their well-being. I especially want to encourage First Nation girls to always remember that they are integral members of their families and communities.

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(Toronto, October 6, 2017)  “On behalf of the Chiefs of Ontario, I congratulate Chief Marcia Brown Martel, who was the lead plaintiff in this long and painful journey towards justice on behalf of the estimated 20,000 60s scoop survivors. While today is a major victory, no amount of money can truly compensate for being taken away from your family as a child.