In celebration of the 47th Annual Little NHL, Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day commends the focus on Indigenous Sports Excellence, Gender Equity and First Nation Infrastructure

March 12, 2018 1:37 pm
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(Toronto, March 12, 2018) The 47th Annual Little NHL Tournament, held in Mississauga, Ontario, with Moose Cree First Nations as host for its second year, has broken the record again, with 209 teams attending from across Ontario this year. Over the next three-years  the Little Native Hockey League tournament will see Aamjiwnaang First Nation as the 2019 Host, Nipissing First Nation as the 2020 Host and the tournaments executive hosting the 50th Anniversary in 2021.

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day, once a citizen of Moose Cree First Nation, says it was an honour to be present and help kick off the opening ceremonies that marked  a successful two-year run for the Moose Cree First Nation as host community.  “Chief Patricia Faries, and her community, have helped make the Little Native Hockey League an Indigenous hockey machine to be reckoned with in North America. The recognition of NHL star Jonathan Cheechoo being featured as a tournament alumni and hockey role model for all First Nation kids across the country is simply awesome!” said Regional Chief Day.  He also commented in his opening remarks “that it is important for the boys and men of this tournament to lift up women and girls.” He also said that ” ‘daughters’ will save the planet and that we must do all we can to help them achieve their goals.”

The need to support sports programs and infrastructure in First Nation communities throughout Ontario is undeniably a major effort that must be made by all. Recent discussions between the Ontario Regional Chief and officials within the Ontario government have concluded that infrastructure program design must include remote, rural and urban First Nation investment based on need of where indoor rinks are most essential.

“The enthusiasm, excellence, and the momentum that this tournament has built over the years is clearly one of the most important movements that will continue to serve our First Nation communities, families and strengthen our youth,” said Regional Chief Day. “We must continue to support the Little Native Hockey League and be united in our resolve as leaders to make this a formal institution, supporting Indigenous Sports Excellence for generations to come.”

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day


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