June 6, 2012 8:02 pm
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In response to the removal of OxyContin from the Canadian market in early March, Minister Matthews convened an Expert Working Group on Narcotic Addiction. One of the immediate initiatives recommended by the Expert Working Group was the development and dissemination of opioid advice to health care providers as well as families, consumers and pregnant women. The following documents are attached for advice to health care providers:

1. Opioid Withdrawal
2. Opioid Intoxication
3. Opioid Conversion
4. Opioid Dependence in Pregnant Women

This Opioid Advice series and other resources are also available on the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health website: https://knowledgex.camh.net/opioid_alert

A separate series of Opioid Advice intended for consumers, family members and pregnant women is being developed and will be distributed within the next few weeks.

Also attached is a memo from MOHLTC dated May 2012

Chiefs of Ontario Health Sector
Bernadette deGonzague, Senior Health Policy Analyst

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