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Electricity Report 2016



8% Rebate on Hydro Bills

Starting January 1, 2017, all hydro accountholders are entitled to an 8% rebate on their monthly bills. For On-Reserve citizens, this means that accounts are entitled to HST exemption PLUS the 8% rebate. On the January bill the only portion of the bill that will show the 8% reduction will be the dates after January 1. If the billing period runs from December 15 to January 15, the energy consumption from the 15 days in January will show the rebate. The February bill will show a total 8% rebate, and all bills moving forward will have a total 8% reduction.

HST Exemption

On-Reserve accountholders are entitled to an HST exemption, please contact your local distributor for the exemption. Unfortunately at this time Off-Reserve members are not eligible for HST exemption, but they are entitled to a number of other HST exemptions. Please visit: “What’s Taxable Off-Reserve Under the HST and What’s Not” at:

We will continue to press the Provincial and Federal governments to recognize rights regardless of residency, and will update you on any progress.

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

If citizens find themselves in a situation where they are facing disconnection, they may be eligible for a one-time payment of $500-$600 on the bill. If qualified for LEAP, they will immediately be qualified for the OESP program.

Ontario Energy Support Program (OESP)

The Ontario Energy Support Program is available to all low-income account holders. Depending on income and members living in the household, citizens may be eligible for up to $50 in monthly rebates, as well as elimination of security deposit. The OESP credit will be applicable for 24 months, without needing to reapply. For more information please visit the following link.

Cap and Trade costs on Natural Gas

Starting January 1, 2017 natural gas accounts will be subject to a Cap and Trade. This equates to an approximate 3.3 cent increase per cubic meter of gas within the Delivery charge on the bill. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has not yet indicated whether there will be any rebates for First Nations customers.  We are continuing to work on this issue, and will update moving forward.

Ontario Natural Gas Grant Program

The Ministry of Infrastructure announced on January 30, 2017 that they will be launching a new Natural Gas Grant program, which will allow communities that do not currently have service to expand pipelines into their community. First Nations are encouraged to with utilities and natural gas distributors to bring forward proposals under a competitive process. We will share more details of the program as they become available. The link to the news release is below.

Hydro One First Nation Conservation Program

The Hydro One First Nations Conservation Program provides energy efficient upgrades to on-reserve homes that have not previously participated in the Aboriginal Conservation program. For more information on the program please visit

Save on Energy Conservation Program

For further opportunities for energy conservation programs, coupons and tips visit the Save-On-Energy website at:

First Nation Sovereign Wealth Fund

The First Nation Sovereign Wealth Fund (Hydro One Equity) Chiefs Committee will be meeting on February 22 and 23rd to discuss the engagement process and identify key dates for moving forward. An all chiefs forum is being targeted for April 4 and 5, 2017 in Thunder Bay.


Chiefs of Ontario Launch 'one-of-a-kind' energy literacy report

Chiefs of Ontario have produced an innovative energy literacy tool that provides First Nations in Ontario with foundational information necessary to build knowledge, insight and understanding of essential energy issues. The report is also a useful reference guide for all First Nations across the country.

The intention in preparing this report - in a partnership with TREC Renewable Energy Co-operative - was to inform, assist and inspire First Nations communities in recognizing that the energy system is a means to an end that, if done well, can build strong, resilient, self-reliant communities.

The Chiefs of Ontario hope this report can serve as a navigational tool of a complex sector to assist those interested to engage with this important and quickly changing sector. Knowledge and understanding are the first step in enabling meaningful participation and ultimately to empowerment. First Nations communities have an intimate understanding of their needs and priorities, and of the land and resources of where they live. 

To participate meaningfully in the energy sector involves weaving the inherent knowledge of the community with (potentially new) information about the energy sector.   By compiling information about the energy sector as it relates to First Nations, we are aiming to help accelerate that integration of knowledge and capacity.

To oder copies please call:

Sally Gaikezheyongai, Coordinator - Health & Environment

Phone: 416 597 1266 ext 262 or 1 877 517 6527 toll free

First Nation rate: $25 each

Government and others: $45

(shipping/handling included)

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