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Treaties Week

Chiefs of the Six Nations at Brantford, Canada, explaining their wampum belts to Horatio Hale September 14, 1871. Image shows Joseph Snow (Hahriron), Onondaga Chief;George H. M. Johnson (Deyonhehgon), Mohawk chief, Government interpreter and son of John Smoke Johnson; John Buck (Skanawatih), Onondaga chief, hereditary keeper of the wampum; John Smoke Johnson (Sakayenkwaraton), Mohawk chief, speaker of the council; Isaac Hill (Kawenenseronton), Onondaga chief, fire keeper; John Seneca Johnson (Kanonkeredawih), Seneca chief. Hale inscribed these photographs, which he sent to colleagues, "The wampum belts were explained to me on the reserve, at the residence of Chief G. H. M. Johnson; and at my request the chiefs afterwards came with me to Brantford, where the original photograph . . . was taken.--H. Hale, Clinton, Ont."

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Treaties Recognition Week

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day is pleased to acknowledge the first Treaties Recognition Week in Ontario which kicks off this week with special events and a social media campaign.

“To say that this week of Treaty recognition and awareness raising has been a long time coming would be an understatement,” said Ontario Regional Chief Day. “This moment has been over 250 years in the making. The province of Ontario was built as a result of treaties. Canada became a country thanks to treaties. In less than two months, we will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada – a country built upon trade and sharing of the resources with our Peoples.”  

The Treaties Recognition Week Act, 2016 introduced and passed with the support of all parties last year, designates the first week of November each year as Treaties Recognition Week. The first legislation of its kind in Canada, Treaties Recognition Week will provide a recurring opportunity for teachers to plan learning activities about treaties during the school year and will help promote awareness of treaties in the broader public.

Chiefs of Ontario will use social media this week to distribute daily Treaty awareness facts, including links, classroom tools, videos, resources and copies of actual Treaties.


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