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Comprehensive Capital Facilities and Maintenance (CFM) Program Review Resources

The documents attached are the result of the Institute on Governance's Comprehensive Capital Facilities and Maintenance (CFM) Program Review, whose purpose was to:

- Identify the on-reserve infrastructure requirements First Nations will face over the  short, intermediate, and longer term;
- Outline the challenges these requirements will pose for First Nations and for the federal government;
- Assess INAC’s objectives in the face of First Nation infrastructure needs, and assess its effectiveness, efficiency and economy in supporting them;
- Examine INAC’s global ‘core’ and ‘non-core’ funding assistance methodology with First Nations, in the context of the infrastructure support requirements; and
- Identify options and recommend changes as may be appropriate to the design, standards, authorities, management, and priorities of the Capital and Facilities Maintenance program in the face of these requirements.
Two resources follow:
  1. A summary report of regional information sharing sessions; and
  2. A Fact Sheet for Phase II of the Review.


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