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Climate Change

Ontario’s boreal forest extends from the northern limits of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Forest to the Hudson Bay Lowlands with an area of 50 million hectares.  This region contains two thirds of Ontario’s forest.  Interest in protecting the Boreal Forests may stem from the enormous amount of carbon stored in the ecosystem, and will play an important role in carbon emission forest offset programs within provincial climate change mitigation, legislation and Cap and Trade economics. Ontario and Quebec are particularly interested in carbon trading development visible in the Ontario-Quebec Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the bi-national Western Climate Initiative.

In April 2011, the University of Toronto’s Centre for Environment, in collaboration with The First Nations Carbon Collaborative (FNCC) presented a free webinar series is to bring together First Nations, carbon specialists, government and environmental groups to share information regarding their projects and policies for carbon and emissions trading, science and financing.    Their resources and presentations can be found below:

Western Climate Initiative

Resources from Queen’s University Carbon Pricing and Environmental Federalism Conference (2008)