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Non Insured Health Benefits

The Health Coordination Unit (HCU) and the Ontario Chiefs Committee on Health (OCCOH) both saw the need for this guide to be developed to assist First Nations people living in Ontario to understand the eligible health benefits and services under the federal and provincial programs. The attached guide is a tool to access Health Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) benefits and Ontario’s health program benefits and services and does not necessarily reflect endorsement by Chiefs of Ontario (COO). There have been two versions of the guide produced. The original (NIHB Complete Guide - 2012) and the condensed version (NIHB Condensed Guide - 2012) are attached; the original provides more information.

In addition to the guides, attached are the following resources:

-- NIHB Client Reimbursement Q & A
-- NIHB Client Reimbursement Form
-- NIHB Navigator Announcement
-- Zone Coverage
-- AFN Resolution 52-2005
-- Non-InsuredHealth Benefits - Ontario Region: Prescription Drug Trends - A 10 Year Analysis (report)

NIHB Website

NIHB Navigator Announcement April 12 2013.pdf 160.17 KB
NIHB Guide Jan 2013.pdf 1.2 MB
NIHB Guide Condensed Jan 31 2013.pdf 677.64 KB
form-reimburse-rembourse-eng.pdf 151.31 KB
Zone Coverage 290.92 KB
AFN Resolution 52-2005 38.73 KB

NIHB Ontario Region Prescription Drug Trends A Ten-Year Analysis.pdfI

Information Re: Status Card Renewal and NIHB