Ontario Election 2018 

With the Ontario elections fast approaching, this post aims to serve you as your ultimate ‘one-stop shop’ guide to finding where the three political parties of Ontario stand on key First Nations-specific concerns and priorities. Kindly re-visit this post regularly as we will be updating it throughout the campaign as new pieces of information become available.

  • May 9, 2018 is when the Writ drops – a Writ is the formal, legal document that starts a provincial election in an Ontario electoral district and sets out the date for close of nominations.
    • The long-held practice in Ontario is for the government to assume a “caretaker role” as soon as the writ for a general election is issues. The caretaker period will commence with the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly scheduled for Wednesday, May 9, and can generally be expected to continue until the swearing-in of a returning or new government.
  • Note on Party Platforms: Not all parties provided official platforms –
    • Liberal platform comes mainly from the 2018 Ontario Budget and the Journey Together on current demonstration of commitments to First Nations voters;
    • NDP have posted their platform online ;
    • Ontario PC platform remains largely unknown and have been shared with public in piecemeal fashion. It is also unclear how many platform policies from Patrick Brown’s “People’s Guarantee” will be adopted.

Provincial Parties

Party Platform Highlights

View by Topic/Sector under each Political Party via Spreadsheet: 2018 Ontario Election Platforms – Updated as of May 18, 2018

Click here for Macleans Ontario election 2018 platform guide: Where the parties stand on everything from hydro bills to taxes to transit

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