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Visions of Turtle Island: Tribal Vision Dance

Visions of Turtle Island includes live singing, dancing, and video and image presentations to help explain the dances and illustrate the cultural experience of First Nations peoples in Canada.

#2 of Four Part Moccasin Talk Spotlight Speaker Series featuring Tanya Talaga

An award-winning journalist and author, and the First Ojibway woman to deliver the CBC Massey Lectures, Tanya Talaga is an acclaimed storyteller. Her book Seven Fallen Feathers, a national bestseller that introduced us to seven Indigenous high school students who mysteriously died in Thunder Bay, won the 2018 RBC Taylor Prize. In her powerful keynotes, Talaga shares Indigenous stories from across Canada and the world, humanizing the legacy of residential schools and colonization and sharing her hope for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Moccasin Talks: Indigenous Children and the Canadian Child Welfare System

Nancy Rowe is one of the founders of the Da-Giiwewaat (So They Can Go Home) Moccasin Project, which seeks to bring attention to the contemporary injustices she witnesses happening in the Canadian child welfare system. Please join us as Nancy explains how the child welfare system disproportionately targets Indigenous families and shares staggering statistics that reflect the inequities of Indigenous children in the welfare system.

From Residential Schools to Child Welfare: The Sixties and Millennial Scoop

Throughout the post-war period, the Canadian federal government targeted Indigenous children through the child welfare system as residential schools shut down across the country. Starting in the 1960s and continuing to this day, Indigenous children were taken from their communities under the auspices of child welfare and placed in non-Indigenous foster homes.