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From Residential Schools to Child Welfare: The Sixties and Millennial Scoop

Throughout the post-war period, the Canadian federal government targeted Indigenous children through the child welfare system as residential schools shut down across the country. Starting in the 1960s and continuing to this day, Indigenous children were taken from their communities under the auspices of child welfare and placed in non-Indigenous foster homes.

Thunder Bay Indigenous Fashion Week 2019

SDNR is proud to host the Thunder Bay Indigenous Fashion Week. As part of a movement to create opportunities for Indigenous women and youths  living in remote regions of Ontario, the week's activities will include a networking event, workshops, as well as a marketplace. The week will wrap with a final fashion show. 

Cultural Attachment and Indigenous Wellbeing

Cultural Attachment and Indigenous Wellbeing is an educational seminar designed to introduce non-governmental organization staff, educators, mental health counsellors, social workers, justice workers, community members, and allies across all jurisdictions to the concept of cultural attachment and Indigenous wellbeing.

Indigenous Cultural Competency Training

The Native Canadian Centre of Toronto (NCCT) is delivering Indigenous Cultural Competency Training. This training workshop provides a foundation for understanding the unique relationship existing between Indigenous people and Canadians.