“We, the Anishinaabek, the Mushkegowuk, and the Onkwehonwe, are the land. Our ancestors were the land, we are the land and our youth and future generations will be the land… What we do to the land – we do to ourselves, and to our future generations…..We draw from sacred law, traditional law, customary laws – we need to protect the lands, the waters and all living things for future generations.”

We are the Land Declaration 2010

Four nuclear energy Sessions were hosted in 2009 by COO and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization to provide information on nuclear energy, waste management processes, and feedback on nuclear energy to prepare a position statement.

A report was prepared for leadership based on the sessions and recommendations, and presented to the Nuclear Waste Management Organization as well.  The “We are the Land” Declaration was developed based on recommendations from these sessions, and approved by the Chiefs in Assembly at the November 2010 Special Chiefs Assembly (Resolution 10/19).  The Declaration encompasses all industrial activities, including forestry and mining.

“We are the Land” Declaration can be used as a tool and living document when undertaking initiatives that impact the land.