The purpose of the Species at Risk Act (SARA) legislation passed in 2002 is to prevent wildlife species, such plants, animals or organisms found in the wild and native to Canada, from becoming extirpated or extinct; as well as to provide the renewal of species that are extirpated, extinct or vulnerable to human activity; and to manage the species of special concern.

A recovery strategy identifies listed species, their critical habitats, and activities that threaten or harm the species and the issues that need to be addressed.  The Act requires that recovery strategies must be proposed for endangered and threatened species in collaboration with the Provincial minister where the species are found and First Nations included in the recovery strategy. There are numerous strategies developed to implement SARA such as the Habitat Stewardship Program.

Further background information on SARA can be viewed at www.speciesatrisk.gc.ca.

In 2007, the Environment Department created a First Nation Species at Risk Toolkit.