The objective of the First Nation Strategic Health planning process is to develop a proactive approach to improve the status of First Nation’s health as well as to transform it.  The Chiefs in Assembly adopted a Strategic Plan as a work in progress with the outlined strategies at the Special Chiefs Assembly in November 2008.

The Strategies are:

  1. Assert Rights Treaty for health
  2. Advocate and lobby for First Nation jurisdictions to govern their own health systems
  3. Align Ontario First Nation health system levels to transform the status of First Nation health
  4. Develop processes to support Ontario First Nation health system
  5. Improve flow of communications within the Ontario First Nation health system
  6. Use technology to expand access to health information
  7. Implement strategic management system for sustainable change & results

A Discussion Paper: Ending Sexual Violence and Sexual Exploitation in First Nation Communities

Since time immemorial, First Nation peoples have had mechanisms for culturally safe practices that reconcile sexual violence and sexual exploitation within their community. These natural healing ways and justice methods have been interfered with for centuries by settler colonial justice systems. The natural healing paths and accountability mechanisms have suffered a great cultural injury, and this has resulted in an epic destructive colonial influence on our people. This discussion paper highlights the need for ending sexual violence and sexual exploitation in First Nation communities.


Call for Membership: First Nation Data Governance Committee

The Chiefs of Ontario is looking for individuals, youth and Elders/First Nation Knowledge Keepers that have knowledge and experience in First Nation health research, research practices, community-based research, experience with the Regional Health Survey (RHS), reviewing and writing research projects, knowledge of First Nation research ethics to sit on the First Nation Data Governance Committee.

Learn more here: DGC CALL OUT & TOR

Non-Insured Health Benefits

The NIHB Program is a national program that is designed to support First Nations people in reaching an overall health status that is comparable with Canadians. The NIHB Program is also designed to help individuals maintain their health, prevent disease, assist in detecting and managing illnesses, injuries, and disabilities.


Trilateral Health Senior Officials Committee

All Ontario Chiefs Assembly in June 2011 passed Resolution 11/38 directing OCCOH to establish TFNHSOC with the provincial and federal governments.


Health Research and Data Management

The Health Research and Data Management Sector strategic directions are building upon the
Chiefs of Ontario’s main objective and the Health Strategic Plan that was developed in 2009.


Chiefs of Ontario 2nd Bi-Annual Research Symposium Conference Report
Moving Forward in First Nations Health Research
February 25, 2019


Mental Health and Addictions


Chiefs of Ontario 14th Annual Health Forum

Follow the link to find presentations from the Chiefs of Ontario’s 14th Annual Health Forum – ‘Our Health, Our Future. Advancing First Nation Best Practices: Stories of Resilience, Innovation and Success. February 25, 26, 27 2020.



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