In Ontario, First Nations leadership recognized that First Nations women are the most at risk group in Canada for issues related to violence. Through Resolution 10/31 – Government of Canada to Re-Establish its Support for Sisters in Spirit, which was adopted at the Special Chiefs Assembly in November, 2010, leadership made eliminating violence against women a top priority.

Currently, the Chiefs of Ontario is participating (as an observer) on the Joint Working Group on Violence Against Aboriginal Women to collect further information and determine the possible role of the Chiefs of Ontario. The Working Group was formed by the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs and the Ontario Women’s Directorate in response to the Strategic Framework to End Violence against Aboriginal Women produced in 2009 by the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (OFIFC) and the Ontario Native Women’s Association (ONAW). In January 2011, the Ontario Regional Chief Toulouse made a presentation to the federal Standing Committee on Violence Against Aboriginal Women, and the Chiefs of Ontario has participated (as an observer) in the Aboriginal consultation session on Sexual Violence Against Aboriginal Women.

As mandated by Resolution 10/31, a series of discussion papers are currently being drafted by Evelyn Baxter; these papers will provide a broad overview of the issues relating to violence and highlight the rising rates of violence perpetrated within First Nation communities of Ontario.

Discussion Papers will be completed on the following:

Adult Correctional Systems
Stopping Violence Against Aboriginal Women
Addressing Issues with Youth Gangs
Gaps in the Adminstration of Justice