The objective here is to facilitate exploratory discussions regarding First Nations governments’ and provincial jurisdiction with an eye toward clarifying patterns of overlap and conflict stemming from competing claims to governing authority. The topic of jurisdiction has not been deemed a priority by the government of Ontario; however it remains a priority for First Nations. Additionally, the Premiere of Ontario and the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs have made a political commitment to commence discussions on jurisdiction after the provincial election in October 2011.

To date all work on this issue has been internal since 2009. A recommendation was drafted for approval by the Political Confederacy that would place emphasis on gathering information and research so as to put Chiefs in the best possible position to decide how best to work on First Nations jurisdiction and what role Ontario should have. A paper has recently been commissioned to aid in this discussion and is awaiting comment while work will soon proceed on the development of a legal paper analyzing some of the issues to be resolved. As of right now this table is awaiting further instructions from the JITT and IIPAC.