Resolution 08/11 – First Nations Resource Revenue Sharing, adopted at the 34th All Ontario Chiefs Conference declared the negotiation of a regional resource revenue sharing arrangement with the current government be treated as a leading priority of the Ontario Regional Chief and the Political Confederacy; authorizing the appointment of a Task Force for this purpose.

Throughout the latter half of 2010, the Resource Revenue/Benefit Sharing Task Force (RRBS Task Force) engaged in a first round of discussions with officials from the government of Ontario to identify the parameters for possible negotiations on a RRBS arrangement. The product of these discussions was the development of a “Joint Report on Resource Revenue/Benefit Sharing Framework.”

Resolution 10/11 – Resource Benefits/Revenue Sharing authorized the RRBS Task Force to further engage in a second round of discussions with Ontario “with a view to developing, for the consideration and approval of the Chiefs in Assembly, the terms of agreements for an RRBS arrangement with the current government of Ontario in accordance with the Principles and Parameters presented in the Joint Report.”

In April, 2011, a Special Chiefs Assembly convened where the “Terms of Agreement” was brought forth to the Chiefs in Assembly for consideration. After much discussion the Chiefs voted against the term sheet, recognizing that Ontario’s approach to RRBS was inconsistent with the relationship established with the Crown based on Treaty. In place of accepting the RRBS agreement, First Nation leadership took a strong principled approach to RRBS whereby their Resolution 08/11 – Resource Revenue and Benefit Sharing endorsed the Treaty Nations Declaration and halted all discussions with Ontario in relation to RRBS until after the provincial election in October 2011.