On September 6th, 1995 Anthony “Dudley” George, an unarmed man was shoot by the Ontario Provincial Police and died. He and other First Nation men, women and children had been occupying their ancestor territory which had been appropriated by the federal government for military purposes. The land which was occupied had been transferred by the federal government to the provincial government and was used as a provincial park. This was done after the federal government had promised the people of Kettle and Stony Point it would return the land it had appropriated.

After the shooting death of his brother Dudley, Sam George begin his quest for justice. For nearly ten years after this brother death, Sam George continues to advocate for justice for the wrongful death of this bother. Sam’s did not stop these tireless efforts which ultimately resulted in a public inquiry that examined the events that lead to “Dudley’s” death and recommend steps to ensure this never happens again. Both Dudley and Sam will forever be remembers as protectors of our ancestral lands and seekers of justice for First Nation peoples.