From April 2011 to March 2012, five (5) youth led engagement forums were held in five different Indigenous territories to facilitate youth input in the design and content of a framework and policy on youth engagement.

Using each session as a building block to developing a strong foundation in advancing this work, the youth determined that they did not want to take a euro-centric approach in developing an engagement framework and policy. Instead, they through discussion and consensus amongst themselves approached this initiative with the development of a draft Indigenous Youth Engagement Bundle, which was completed in April 2012. Key to this approach is the knowledge that was passed on to the youth in terms of developing documents that is grounded in a rights based approach to engagement for youth who ultimately have Inherent Rights, Treaty Rights and rights under International and Canadian law. Over 500 youth from five communities and territories participated and contributed to the content of our Bundle.

At the Indigenous Youth Engagement Forums youth learned:

  • Rights of Engagement: The inherent rights and responsibilities of indigenous young peoples.
  • Policy Making: Learn how policy is created and how you can use policy to make positive changes.
  • Youth Empowerment and Development: Youth engagement ideas to get youth active in your community.
  • Traditional Knowledge: Learn indigenous history, ceremonies, protocols, culture

Participants stated that “As Indigenous Youth, we have Inherent Rights. Based on our Inherent Rights, we have Treaty Rights. From Treaty Rights, we have the right to Free, Prior, and Consent. Therefore, all levels of governments must uphold our rights as Indigenous Youth to Free, Prior and Informed Consent. We must be engaged based on our rights as Indigenous Peoples.”

Our Guiding Relationships

  • Creation
  • Original Instructions
  • Inherent Rights & Responsibilities
  • Indigenous Laws
  • Wampum
  • Spirit and Intent of Our Treaties
  • International Instruments
  • Crown Obligations


  • Youth Engagement Forums
  • Health Priorities
  • Life Promotion Strategy
  • Life Promotion Campaign
  • Life Promotion Bundle
  • Youth Mentorship Bundle
  • Youth Gatherings
  • Youth Governance
  • Youth Implementing Treaties
  • Putting the UNDRIP to Action
  • Helping Home First
  • Right of Mother Earth
  • Sustainable Funding

Subject to available of funding, the Ontario First Nations Young Peoples Council and the Indigenous Youth Planning Team will plan the implementation of the Bundle in 2012-2013.